there are times to ACT and there are times to read a book- right now is neither of those times.

to begin with, i have a huge box of just scrap paper that i've doodled on over the years. i happen to have a few still on my hard drive from ...psh...a lot are from two and three years ago when i was fifteen. i don't think i've improved an inch since then, but in retrospect i am pretty impressed with my abilities AS A FIFTEEN YEAR OLD. maybe not so much as a seventeen-almost-eighteen year-old. one reason i decided to do this was to give myself incentive to start doodling more and possibly improve.

i am very familiar with horse anatomy and it is generally easier to experiment with different styles using familiar subjects. in other words, you may see me draw horses a lot. i don't particularly like the dumb bastards, but they have enthralling contour lines that can be bent wildly while still being recognizably a horse. these are all pretty recent - within the past 6 months. just examples of my different approaches to drawing the same sexy boring animal.

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