SPLINTER: feeling this is like to fall awake

hah. see what i mean? this blog is on its deathbed already. a stillborn, practically.

well, this next set of junk is going to be from one of the most frantically clausterphobic times of my short dinky little life. words cannot express the feeling i had of being trapped in my body. it was (and still sometimes is) a terrifying experience. i mean, what can you do? you can't climb out and take a cigarette break. you're stuck. this is you. this is your body. deal with it.

regardless, sometimes it's just a little tough to swallow.


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this particular one would probably be the absolute most emotionally assraping drawing i have ever done. looking at it again is difficult sometimes because it so accurately documents a certain atrocious something that i can't put into words:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

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