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some relics from the distant past.

when i look at the first image in the previous entry, i am reminded of this picture i drew a long time ago. same style. no variation in skill over two years. :(

however, when i look at things i had done around or a little before the same time frame, i notice that the image above is kind of ahead of its time, i guess. there is more dimension than usual. i tend to draw things very flatly and generally depth-impaired.

par example:
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there's something freeing about that mostly flat kind of art, though. you can add detail much more easily and it feels cleaner, more controlled. to me, it's more aesthetically serving to take in an entire image and all of its details without losing your way among the attempts on realism. if you're the type to insert plenty of symbolism that you'd like identified (like me! oh shucks.), then flat is not so bad afterall.

but that's what makes artwork interesting. you don't HAVE to follow the rules of space. realistic is boring. go for distorted, overly-detailed, and generally overwhelming. overwhelming is always a good bet.

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