ESCAPE FROM LIMBO: cure for useless blog finally discovered, losers everywhere grateful, soul of america dead

i am typing this with my left hand as Nameless Two, the new kitten, slumbers on my arm.

meanwhile, i fear my crimped circulation will soon deteriorate into a bad case of gangrene. i have to say, while i'm up here and the mic is still on, that i really liked having a functioning upper torso limb on my right side. goodbye, hand. and thanks for all the laughs.

since that is out of the way, i'll get to the point. i want to attempt using this blog as a kind of illustrative journal. sort of. the doc gives it less than a week to live, but this little blog has high hopes. high apple pie in the sky hopes. and who am i to dash them?

i'm not jumping the bandwagon. i'm traveling in its wake. late bloomer.

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