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well, i finally figured out why it's so fucking impossible to really use my new tablet. there's something WRONG with it, it's impossible to draw a straight line because the surface is totally warped somewhere in the magnetic insides.

nonetheless, i had a blast making crappy shit in MSpaint.


Betty Earl

if anybody had any interesting pictures laying around, or whatever, send it to me and i will try to draw it. i might not attempt realistic, though. it takes too long and looking from paper to monitor back and forth for an hour is really nauseating.

foreverfinite at gmail


but this is love so we'll survive

okay, i am back in black, mofuggers. i just accidentally stayed up too late and 4 hours of sleep isn't going to be any good so i am going to pull an all-nighter. i haven't done this in a while, so maybe it'll be fun and i will learn a lot about myself and others and diversity in the process. i hope you join me on this fantastic adventure.



diet green tea with ginseng

hath god ever smiled upon me like he doseth this day?



i am pretty positive this is exactly what happened while i was sleeping all day on friday.

give up the world

it's not yours anyway!


baby, where you been all my life?

this would look kind of cool if i could draw better. imagine this in vibrant acrilic blues and yellows.


mother's college days

my mom, being totally awesome.



a tribute to gould and also natasha, whose "daily grind" i've just added to the links on the right side of the page. rock on, the both of you.

which, by the way, i revamped the links. they are no longer unrelated and broken.

interpreting whims


critically acclaimed cult favorite (you might have heard of it)

"The gag gags had me gagging with... laughter!"
- L.A. Tums

"Too subtle to be entirely disgusting...only slightly nauseating."
- Rolling Scones

"...slathered with...wit! Sugar-coated with...humor!"
- Washington Roast



you enjoy post-mortem cappuccino

what up
one of the more time-consuming of all my moosecon CD cover drafts.


uneducated guess

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i am not really amusing myself.



once again, cognitive thinking saves the day from happiness and repletion!
thank god for the gift of rationalized dispair.


your father wanted to be called "the inventor" for a reason

um, what the fuck? i was looking through some seriously old papers and i came accross a page that had some kind of lyric on it, so i take a good look and am swiftly thrown into confusion. i seriously could not believe that this was mine, so i google searched a couple lines, hoping it was some song i was listening to at the time. apparently not.

now, i have absolutely no recollection of writing this and i can't even imagine it coming out of my head. was i on crack? i know i'm not a poet, but holy fucking god, this is some shitty shit.

i believe it says
"tell me again
tell me the story
the creature you nearly slaughtered
was it on your throne?
invisible rays of cosmic stirring
did not correct this flaw"

hm, yes. very profound, rach. next time show your work, you moron.


LO-FI half-life

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i'm having an adventure trying to resize images with a screen capture program. isn't there anything out there designed to resize images without shitting all over them?



act your age!

i started doing this about a year ago. the idea came from a small article i read on illegal-art.org about andrew jeffrey wright and clare rojas who white-out tagged various magazine advertisements. but i only saw those thumbnails, i don't know of any galleries.

some of my own ad defacing as follows:
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Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

it's fun. try it.



from whenever.

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let me know if anybody but ad bots are reading this. they're nice guys and all, but it's just not the same.