ZERO point theory

website endorsement comments are really no fun. no fun at all. nor are their pitches that fun to read.

"hey great blog/journal/webpage!
i have this site that tells you how to breed chinchillas. why don't you check it out at www.chinchillafuck.xxx.com
see you there! :)"

no thanks, mr. automatic comment posting man, but it was positively awesome of you to stop by. i'm considering disabling comments, but i guess what's the point? they are kind of amusing to read sometimes. there's this one that is like 6 lines of site endorsement with "great blog!" smashed in the middle of a sentence between two halves of a word.

in my big box of old artwork, there is this piece of cardboard that i penciled and painted on when i was 13. eerily prophetic!

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no, wait. i just looked on the back and it's dated "1Z-Z9-0Z", which is like eight days after my 14th birthday. my 2's looked like Z's that have lost their way to the alphabet.


Anonymous said...

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finite said...

speak of the mother fucking devil.

Anonymous said...

the devil fucked your mother?

finite said...

if that so pleases your imagination, then sure why not.

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Anonymous said...

whoa! four inches? I'm there dude!

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